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Connection Electric provides standby generator installation services for residents in Carson City, and surrounding areas of Central Michigan.

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There is a sense of dread when power outages occur and you are left without power. In emergency times like these, a backup generator can make all the difference.

A backup generator will provide your home with an alternative power source if there is a blackout and your electricity is off. It acts as your backup source and can provide your home with power for as long as you need until things are resolved.

How can Connection Electric help?

At Connection Electric, we can install your new backup or standby generator for your home that will be ready to switch on as soon as you need it.

Because these generators come in a range of sizes, it is essential to get a professional opinion when it comes to selecting the system that will best suit your needs. We will come and take a look around your home, understand your needs, and provide you with an honest recommendation about the generator that will serve you best. We will then install it for you to be there on standby, ready to power automatically when you need it.

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What are some benefits of a standby generator?

It will generate power for you automatically. You don't have to be home to switch it on if there is a power outage - it is on standby waiting for the moment you need it.

It will provide you with the amount of backup power you need for your entire house for as long as you need it.

Are you looking for a portable generator?

We can help with that too.

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